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you find yourself in front of a quite small toy playhouse on an old abandoned toy shop you were exploring, inside you see a dim light and some light music plaiyng, curious you decide to open the door and try and cram youself inside the small childrens toy to see whats inside, to your susrprise...its way bigger than it looks on the outside! the magical place gleams with joy, smitten by all the toys, attractions and bright colors, you stumble into a small dog, as you try to pet it, it shapeshifts into a human! "hello!"
welcome to the playhouse! my name is sophie and its my pleassure to have you here! keep in mid this is a heavy work in progress!! some things may change or be added and etc, im doing this to just store the little things in my brain in a consice cool way, plus i also really love coding! enjoy your stay :) thank you :3

as i previously stated my name is sophie or lain im 16 i use any pronouns mostly it or she and im a cool gilr who likes coding, video games, art anime and toys :) cool neet yes

questions? suggestions? email me! click pikachu and email me :)


12/12/2021 hiii blegh,, i finished my journal layouts! wahoo, now for some journal entries....someday...yeah gonna play pokemon now B) ill do something...when im not as sleepy...yeah

11/12/20201 hello, i recently made a new shrine journaling my pokemon moon experience, so check it out :) also peep

09/12/2021 hello! im probably gonna write again today but im gonna update you guys on some stuff: u guys could see tht i got in TWO webrings, a ss one and a yesterweb one, if ur an og u may remember tht when my url was zombiegirl i was on the yw ring! glad 2 be associated with them again, i also started to make my kinnie page lollll, also ive been having trouble with my page where the scrollbar has been dissapearing :( if someone knows what2do pls tell me :(((

05/12/20201 hiii, yesterday i coudnt update cuz i fell asleep :( but today is a day of a big big update, but first, you may have noticed the links are somewhere else! i decided to move the nav links to the upper part since its less confsuing and gives me more room to work, yay! now for the biiig update, my about page is finally done!!!! im super duper happy how it came out and i hope you like it too! it took me a whole two days to code and a lot of coffee XD but its here! you can access it trough the links up there!! you may notice theres a button that leads nowhere, thats because its my next (and infinite) site project :) its gonna be a super big site but not as cool looking ccs, since i wanna go for a way more simple look, hope you guys dont mind as im gonna be writing a lot (and from the heart) :P but thats all for today, thank you for all those cool new followers! and ive seen some ppl use my button! thats so cool! i promise when i get to my links site ill put lots of buttons :D ill do my best!! thanks for reading todays update log :)!

03/12/2021 hi! today i finished my shrines page and i made my first shrine, its about deviantart stamps! i suggest you check it out :) you acn check the new functioning link right to your left! im really happy how it came out and i hope youll do too

02/12/2021 hello world this is the official date that marks the finishing of the official soapie dot neocities dot com homepage! as i am writing this i am also moving this page into another url using my index as a warning page, ik its annoiyng to be browsing trough neocities epicly and you enter a page but your ears get blasted with loud music coming from the page interrupting your epic listening of vocaloid music, as i want to put my own array of silly music into the site ill move this site into a new url called "homepage" and the ndex will be a simple warning page,the usual "not optimizeed for mobile this has autoplay yada yada yada, but this also entails the start of my actual "serious" (pfft, ha) development of this page, as i wanted to start on a soft warmup on my html skills, and move onto bigger projects, appart from this regular box and some few links added, i am not planning to majorly update this homepage anymore except if i wanna go on another remodel, but this is the day i start on my other pages, and the links bar wont look so desolte anymore, thanks for reading this log and im looking forward for more :)


peep :)